Online therapy programs.

Chat with a licensed therapist for $10 a week

Unlimited chat with a licensed therapist

100% confidential & anonymous profiles

Get support from licensed therapists from $10 a week

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Frida offers 21-day therapy programs tailored to your needs

Your therapist will be ready to give you a warm welcome at the start of your program. You will receive their full support during the entire journey, every day. 

A carefully selected peer group of 5 participants will go through the program with you. Your Frida peers are life-savers, you motivate and support each other 💛.

Find the right program for you now!


Frida is ideal for you if:

You want to talk to someone who genuinely cares

You need help understanding your own emotions

You are ready to create change in your life


Talk to your peers for support

Frida programs are provided to carefully selected peer groups of 5 people.

Peer support is proven to increase your self-confidence, feelings of belonging and connectedness. 

"I have met amazing women who suffer from the same issues as me. It's so nice being able to talk to someone about it, my anxiety is not getting in my way anymore!"

Amy, 44


Pricing Plan

Simple and easy. No hidden fees, no misleading prices.


21-day therapist guided program

Unlimited chat with therapist

Guaranteed refund if you are not satisfied by your program

Our Success Stories

Wow, this exercise affected me so much. I used to feel so doubtful that I could create a life with meaning and purpose but now I feel like I can create that for myself. Thank you so much!

I feel like this course has put me on the right path and I feel like I've been armed with the tools with which I hope to move forward on my career path and to be happy, successful and confident in life as well as work. 

Thank you for everything! Thinking about what I am currently doing and what I really want to be doing has made it clear to me that I need to make more steps to get to where I want to be. 

—  Female, Editorial publishing and account manager, 30

—  Female, Marketing coordinator, 33

—  Male, software engineer, 32

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